The INL Summit is the annual flagship event of INL, dedicated to “Nanotechnology: An enabler for the New Economy”, and this year it will be enriched by the 10th Anniversary of the INL establishment.

This unique and invaluable event will take place between October 15-17 at Forum Braga, in Braga, Portugal and it will encompass:

  • The Change Forum - “Nanotechnology: An enabler for the New Economy” with renowned speakers and specialists that will discuss the changes of our times related to Climate ChangeMobility and Quantum Era in a four panel sessions format, the INL Worldwide Network & Partners Annual Conference including but not limited to data security and integrity issues.
  • The celebration of the INL 10th Anniversary with distinguished guests.
  • The high-level International Directors Forum that will discuss common challenges faced by research organisations globally.
  • The Mission 10.000 Conference aiming to set the course for innovative projects in eight Portuguese and Spanish regions, where nanotechnology and science-based knowledge will play a key role. 

INL is glad to welcome all of you, so book your seats now and get ahead in cutting edge ideas that can fuel the economic transformation.

See you at the Summit.



The INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, located in Braga (North of Portugal) was founded by the governments of Portugal and Spain under an international legal framework to perform interdisciplinary research, deploy and articulate nanotechnology for the benefit of society. INL aims to become the world-wide hub for nanotechnology addressing society’s grand challenges.

The INL research programme comprises four strategic fields of application of nanoscience and nanotechnology: Food and Environment monitoring, ICT, Renewable Energy and Health.



We look forward to seeing you at the INLSUMMIT 2018 . Please, browse the information below and in the overall website  to find resources that will help enhance your event experience.

We hope to meet you at the INLSUMMIT 2018!


Dates & Venue

15th - 17th Oct. 2018




Buying tickets

No tickets are available. 



At the INLSUMMIT 2018 there is free WiFi. When you arrive at the venue, you just need to sign in and using the standard log in, or via LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter.


Food & Drink

INLSUMMIT 2018 will offer a great range of food and drink so that you can keep refreshed throughout the days.


Contact us

INLSUMMIT 2018 is organised by INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory. To get in touch email us: